Flash Book Bridal

About Us

Flash Book Bridal was created to fill a need in the bridal industry for nontraditional weddings. We want to celebrate brides that want to get married in a court house, on a budget, or those who just want to do things a bit differently. After a terrible experience attempting to find a dress in traditional bridal salons, Flash Book Bridal’s founder, Dana Schiffman, created this company to make life easier for brides like her. 

Flash Book Bridal was founded with three main tenets in mind: 


Brides should be able to wear whatever they want to their wedding. Wanna wear something other than white, great!  Wanna wear a mini skirt, romper, pants, or a jumpsuit, you go girl! Want to look like a princess, that’s cool too. This site is here to offer you options and remind you that it’s ok to wear what you want, when you want, even if that’s not what others are telling you. 

Body Positivity

Flash Book Bridal wants all brides to feel their best, look great, and love themselves, no matter what size, shape, color, religion or sexual orientation. Everyone deserves to feel loved, happy and beautiful on their wedding day (and every day). 

Financial Responsibility

By offering affordable items, Flash Book Bridal hopes to encourage brides to learn more about being financially sustainable through the process of budgeting for and planning their wedding.