Flash Book Bridal

Flash Book Bridal is Almost Here!

Dana Schiffman

Hi Everyone,

I wanted to take a few minutes to introduce myself, and tell you how Flash Book Bridal came to be.

In 2016 I got married to an amazing guy. Our wedding was’t what you would call traditional, but it was everything we ever wanted.

I love planning and organizing, so most of the planning process was easy for me. I even tried to make it more interesting by setting a really low budget. The most difficult thing was finding a dress. As a plus size woman with specific taste, shopping at traditional wedding boutiques was a nightmare.

I went to three different kinds of stores:

1. The chain store was not a totally bad experience. The sales staff were nice and knowledgeable. They had sample sizes in all ranges, so I could try on anything that looked interesting. However, when it came to the dress quality, I was unimpressed. Not only did the dresses feel cheap, they didn’t feel like me.

2. There was a unique boutique which had beautiful dresses. However when I asked for dresses under $1,000, there were only two lackluster choices available, and no sample sizes to try on.

3. The most traditional salon was by far the worst experience. I went in with high hopes because they had a plus sized dress in the window. After chatting with the sales person about what I was looking for, she sent me into the dressing room to strip down to my underwear. She then came in with dresses that were obviously too small, and thrusted them up against the front of my body so I could “imagine how I would look”. After a few rounds of this, I asked if they had anything I could actually try on. It turns out that the only plus size sample they had was hanging in the window (and it was a mermaid cut, so no thanks).

That’s when I turned to online shopping. I found it freeing to order items online and try them on in the comfort of my own home. However, it was outrageously time consuming to look at a ton of different brands to see if they had styles I liked, in colors I wanted, in a size that would fit.

After the wedding was over, I kept thinking about how inconvenient finding a dress was. As more of my friends started getting married, they confided about their frustration during the shopping process as well.

Flash Book Bridal really started to take form after I took a class at a local small business support center called Mountain BizWorks. Through working with an amazing group of people in my class, I realized what was important in my business:

Individuality - I want brides to be more open to expressing their true selves on their wedding day.

Body Positivity - I want all brides to feel their best, look great, and love themselves, no matter what size, shape, color, religion or sexual orientation. Everyone deserves to feel loved, happy and beautiful on their wedding day (and every day).

Financial Sustainability -  I want to help women to take control of their finances by spending less on their wedding and saving for the future.

After a lot of hard work, I am happy to say that this business is now fully funded and will be selling dresses very soon.

Why am I telling you about my funding? Oh, well, I think it’s important for women to talk more openly about money, during the wedding planning process, with their family and significant others, in business and in life in general. Talking about money is not impolite, it is in our best interest, leads to better communication, and better pay.

That’s why I want to keep you up to date on how business is going. My Instagram account is going to contain a lot of behind the scenes photos and business updates so @flashbookbridal followers will not only be inspired for their wedding, but for whatever lies beyond.

I truly look forward to this adventure, and I can’t wait to share it with you!