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Ditch These 10 Items to Save Money on Your Wedding Day

Dana Schiffman

When you look back on your wedding, there will be a few things you will definitely remember: the moment you first see your future spouse, saying your vows, spending time with your family and friends, boogying down, your friends that you found hooking up in the utility closet... All of the other stuff kind of fades away. So for couples trying to keep costs low for their wedding day, consider ditching (or changing up) these 10 items to save some money and concentrate on what really matters.

Garters used to be used by women to hold up their stockings. Since clothing styles have progressed a bit since then, save a few dollars and ditch this outdated tradition. Also, it’s a little weird to have a whole room of people watch your spouse go for an adventure under your dress.

Items to ditch at your wedding (1)_Table Flowers.jpeg

Table Flowers can be a significant expense for weddings. Instead of paying exorbitant costs for flowers, consider making your own centerpieces. Or, if you really need some flowers, grab some vases at a thrift store and hit up my #1 place for flowers… Trader Joe’s.

Bouquets have really evolved over the years. Fake flowers, felt flowers or a bouquet made of buttons or broaches are totally common place now. But if you need the real thing, you can make your own bouquet from flowers you found at the farmers market or Trader Joe’s (seriously, that place has incredible flowers, I can’t get over it!) Here is a great tutorial on how to make an elegant bouquet.

My best friend since 4th grade, cracking jokes at the alter.

My best friend since 4th grade, cracking jokes at the alter.

Hiring an Officiant can be expensive and impersonal. Instead, involve a friend or family member by asking them to marry you! Depending on where you live, there are different rules, but they can use American Marriage Ministries to make sure it is legit where you live. Best of all, they can become ordained for free.

Traditional Wedding Venues can be beautiful, but they can also be very expensive. Find a place that you like to spend time, and reflects your personality. Something like a brewery, concert venue, park, library, college campus, your own back yard, or an art gallery. In Asheville, we even have our own Rock-N-Roll Wedding Chapel, Fleetwood’s.

Don’t. Do. It.

Don’t. Do. It.

Guest Favors are a nice gesture, sure, but are they really necessary? Instead of splurging on monogramed items, bottles of booze, or jordan almonds, think about what your guests really want… it’s to celebrate you, duh! So, instead of spending money, spend a little more time thanking your guests for coming to your wedding (in person or in a truly personalized thank you note).

DJ’s are good at getting the party started, but with commercial free music streaming for under $20 a month, who needs one! Curating your own wedding playlist is a perfect way to play exactly what you want to hear. Just pretend you’re John Cusack in High Fidelity, but less emotionally stunted. When your big day is over, you can go back and listen to your playlist anytime to relive the memories.

Traditional photography packages can be a little over the top with all of the editing and elaborate photo albums. Don’t get me wrong, good photographers are worth paying for, but there is always room to negotiate! You can ask them to reduce their hours, only take candid pictures (instead of doing staged photos with every single person in your family), to do only minor retouching, or to have a digital only package. You can get the same great quality at a much better price!

Wedding Cakes can be stunning, there is no doubt. But this is the perfect place to save some big bucks. Instead of paying for a three tiered flower tower, pick up a few basic cakes from your favorite bakery. You can get multiple flavors and even a small gluten free cake for those who need it. Add a little pizazz by placing the cakes on different level cake stands or adding cake toppers for little decoration. In reality if it tastes great, your guests are going to talk about it for years to come!

Bridal Gowns can quickly eat up any wedding budget. It’s no secret that dresses (and everything else) for weddings are significantly marked up overpriced. Instead of going full couture, start looking online. Flash Book Bridal was created to keep bridal ware costs low, and still offer stunning options.

Bonus: Now that you’ve saved some money, do your bridesmaids a favor, and save them some money too. Instead of having your bridesmaids pay hundreds of dollars on a dress they can never wear again, have them pick out their own dress in your color palate.