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The Only Wedding Planning Tool You Will Ever Need

Dana Schiffman
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I have always gravitated to jobs that require me to do a lot of budgeting and organizing. So when I got engaged, it was only natural that one of the first things I did (after calling my loved ones, of course) was to make a spreadsheet. I was excited to jump into planning a wedding: writing up guest lists, setting budgets, collecting addresses, and nailing down a timeline.

As time went on and I my wedding got closer, the spreadsheet I made just kept improving. Since then, I have cleaned it up a bit, made it more visually appealing and am now making it available to you! In it, you will find a plethora of helpful tools.

However, you should keep in mind that some things may not be helpful for your particular wedding. You may need to add or remove items, columns, rows or even whole tables to match what you need… And you are encouraged to do so! This wedding planning spreadsheet is a tool, not a rule, so edit away.

You will find tabs for the following items:


Outlined in the spreadsheet is a 12 month timeline. Again, feel free to edit it if your engagement is longer or shorter than 12 months. It includes items like when to book a venue, send saves the dates, buy your dress and even a reminder to write checks to your vendors.

Write a Draft of the Guest List

This is an important step to consider before you set your budget! If you only want to spend $3,000, but wat to invite 200 people, you may need to reconsider your guest list.

Wedding Budget

Planning the wedding budget was my favorite part! In this spreadsheet you will find a column for your estimated costs, and a column for what you have actually spent. That way you will be able to see if you are overspending in a certain area (those catering costs can get out of hand fast).


Once you refine your guest list, you can track who you are inviting, their address, if you sent them an invite, if they have sent back an RSVP, and if they are attending any other wedding events like the rehearsal dinner or a Sunday brunch.

Seating Chart

If you are assigning seating at your wedding, this page will help you visualize who goes where. You can add or remove tables depending on the size of your reception.

Gifts & Thank Yous

Thanking your guests is a big part of starting your newly wedded life. While most experts say you have up to three months to thank your guests, I recommend you do it as soon as possible. This spreadsheet will help you do it quickly and efficiently! On it you can track who you got gifts from, their address, what the gifts were, and if you sent them a thank you card. It even has a column to track and calculate cash gifts!

I have set up the spreadsheet so that it’s easy to use, even for a novice. However, if you are stuck, I recommend turning to YouTube for a tutorial. Here are a few that you may find helpful and will work for an excel or google sheet download:

How to add / remove columns and rows
How to calculate a sum

Happy Planning!